A collaborative and creative workspace for women in business here in St. Louis, MO. We are so excited to build this community with you! Please contact us for more information, book a tour, and more.

Scroll through to see a comprehensive list of amenities, perks and member exclusive events!


Community Membership

The Community Membership at MPWR is exactly what you think of when you hear "coworking space" -- all of the amenities with flexibility to work where you choose.

Memberships are $200/month and will automatically be billed monthly.

The Communal Lounge is equipped with a variety of work stations to suit every type of worker including desks, lounge areas, tables and bars for you to work from at any time.

Community Memberships are $200/month

Full-Time Memberships

This is a personal space that you can customize for your business's needs. This private office is exclusively yours and will not be shared with other MPWR members.

MPWR will provide complimentary desks, chairs, file cabinets, trash cans and lamps. Additional options can be added upon request. We are excited to work with you to customize your space!

Private Offices start at $650/month

Part-Time Memberships

This is a shared space that will accommodate your needs on a flexible schedule, without the full-time commitment. Each part-time space will have a desk, chair, trash can, lamp and private, lockable file cabinet.

If you're not looking to come into MPWR every day, but still want a dedicated workspace, our Part-Time Office option is for you!

Part-Time Offices are $350/month



Our Virtual Membership is our more "social" membership, giving you access to events, room rentals, and more.

Memberships are $50/month and will automatically be billed monthly.

This membership is great for small business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs who may be working from another location but would benefit from the following amenities:

  • A unique physical mailing address for your business mail
  • Access to scheduled MPWR and The Women's Creative social, networking and wellness events
  • 3 credits per month to book either of our conference rooms
  • Free mentor sessions with productivity and business strategist, Taylor Mobley
  • Consultations with MPWR's in-house lawyer
  • Ability to rent our event and conference spaces

Virtual Memberships are $50/month